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Company History

SEI began its existence in January of 1995 by the president and CEO, Gregory A. Swift. Mr. Swift founded the company with the premise that the American dream was alive and well to those who worked hard, worked smart, and maintained a strong ethical and moral code. He also believed that the proper presentation of pride, polish, professionalism, integrity and attention to detail would get the company noticed and appreciated by customers and employees alike. His belief and vision have proved right on target. Please take a moment to review SEI and its long list of accomplishments in its seven (7) short years.

* #1 contractor fleet in average mileage per truck in U.S.Xpress.
* Featured on the cover of "Independent Contractor" magazine, February 2000 issue.
* Featured on the cover of "Independent Trucker's Journal," March 2000 & November 2001 issues.
* Out standing credit with over 50 vendors.
* SEI fleet average age is less than two years.
* Project our operating ratio of 90% or less by end of 2002. Current ratio is 92%, due to the current diesel prices.
* On-time delivery is 99.8% for SEI drivers.